Today, handicap toilets are becoming increasingly more common in homes and public places. They provide a safe place for people to use the bathroom when it is difficult or impossible to stand up for long periods of time. Handicap toilets can be extremely expensive though, especially if you want one that not only meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations but also is stylish. However, there are options that provide the best value for your money.

TOTO Drake Round Fronted Toilet

If you are looking for the best handicap toilet for your money , many people consider the TOTO Drake to be perfect. This unit provides ADA compliance and comes with a round front. This model is elongated so you can sit on the toilet instead of having to stand for long periods of time. It comes with a convenient height and height extension, so it works great even if you are taller or shorter than average.

Caroma Unica Toilet

Another great option that is available at an affordable price is the Caroma Unica Toilet . It includes a 1.28 gallon flush, making it extremely efficient and friendly to the environment. That means you can save money on your water bill by using less water per flush. What’s more, this toilet has been approved for use in all states except California and Texas

Kohler Cimarron Toilet

If you are looking for a round front handicap toilet that is extremely stylish, then Kohler’s Cimarron Toilet might be the one you want. This unit has a very modern look that will fit in nicely with almost any bathroom decor. It works great as an actual toilet but also provides ADA compliance, so it is perfect for anyone who needs the assistance of a handicap toilet.

American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet

Another stylish option that provides ADA compliance at an affordable price is the American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet . This round fronted model features an elongated bowl for sit down use, providing more comfort than some other models on the market. It has a slightly taller height to allow for easier use and comes in a variety of colors.

TOTO Washlet C200 Toilet

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the high price tag that comes with many handicap toilets. However, when you consider how much money you can save on water bills when using an efficient toilet such as the TOTO Washlet C200 Toilet , you might find that it is actually a great value. This unit has a dual flush system, making it even more efficient by providing you with options to choose from. With a seat sensor, self-cleaning spray wand and heated seat, this unit also provides comfort for everyone who uses it.

Although there are some very expensive handicap toilets on the market, it is possible to find one that fits your budget and provides everything you need. Choose the best handicap toilet by reading reviews of the best models. If style and budget are your two main concerns, give the TOTO Washlet C200 Toilet a try or investigate out other stylish models such as the Kohler Cimarron Toilet or American Standard Cadet.